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Tokyo Game Show 2019

Amazing! What a great and interesting experience! We met people from all over the world, got a lot of helpful feedback, learned about localisation & how to handle the voice command mode in Japanese. The feedbak showed us, that localizing The Voice Inside in Japan/ese could be a great thing! Hope that we can realize it one day <3. We got also nominated by famitsu, wow :D! And a wonderful report about the game in Japanese (

Game Daily Connect/Casual Connect  2019 USA | Disneyland 

No words, it was so cool! We met a lot of wonderful game devs & leading peeple from the game industry, who helped us, gave us a huge level of inspiration & teached us how to pitch the game to publishers. We had a great time! We had the chance to pitch our game the first time and met some really nice publisher. No idea, if we have a chance to get a publisher but it was a really helpful experience! It might need some time, to finish the game and pitch the final release version again! :)

 Game Access Conf. 19 (FR-SU)

A Great Experience! We had a super great time at Game Access Conference & Festival 19 !!! There were a lot of testers with positive feedback. They were really surprised about the good working system and they really liked the gameplay & the voices! They had also some super nice ideas to improve the game. It was just awesome! We got a lot of information about promotion and how to get a publisher. Even the press came to our booth and tested the game. There were a lot of nice game devs, who liked our game and our table neighbors were super supportive and had many tips for us. It might sound strange but 7-12 hours of work/day + paying for it was the best experience ever! ;D


When you work hard on a project and someone with advanced experience notices it & gives you a compliment is the best thing that can happen! :D

First Event - (Open Screens) AMAZE./Berlin 19 (SA)

The AMAZE./Berlin 2019 was really nice! The very first time, showcasing the game! A lot of visitors wanted to check out the game & at every time our place was full/someone was playing the game. We got a lot of positive & helpful feedback. They really liked the art stye & the voices!