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We are a two-member core team of young and enthusiastic students from Germany with the ambition of creating games, born from a hobby.  We intend to develop games for all players out there which combine old school basics with new, innovative and interesting game mechanics.

AKi and DK

Core Team


I am a student, studying area studies but highly interested in game development & the artist part of it. 

I had never touched a 3D modeling program before we had started developing 'B.H.' & 'The Voice Inside', but I am really into it &  love testing out new things in Blender.  

Tasks:  3D  Modeling & Animation, Concept Development, Game Design, Marketing, Management, Website Design- & Management


Hobby: gaming, 3D modeling 




I am studying IT & definitely spending a huge part of my free time with coding & game development for about 6 years now. I really like the freedom of creating own things, like levels, or even worlds, when I start programming.

My preferred coding language is C# but I am also interested in other languages, as Java.

I hope to meet more people with the same interest & to learn more about game development in the upcoming years. 

Tasks:  Programming, Level Design, Idea Development, Game Design

Hobby: gaming, coding



Voice Actors

The Voice Inside


Luke Hall

The Inner Voice (Guiding Part)

Special Mention: Luke Hall is an ambitious and hard working voice actor & YouTuber who has additional skills, such as audio editing. He is also made good use of our tips and instructions. Make sure you check out his profile on CastingCallClub.

CastingCallClub: The Knight Of Zero



Shelby Atkinson

The Inner Voice (Narrative Part)

YouTuber & voice actor Shelby Atkinson speaks the narrative part in 'The Voice Inside' that is meant to be the conscience.

CastingCallClub: Shbeblythegreat

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