Make it through a dark & abstract world with mazes, platforms, puzzles, enemies & obstacles.
Listen to a narrative voice telling you about the dark places that might be in a

 heart (mind & soul: upcoming chapters).
Use over 30 voice-commands to navigate your character trough it!


Alpha Vers. 0.0.1


Last Event - GA Conf. 19

Alpha Vers. 0.0.4

First Event - AMAZE./Berlin 19



The Voice Inside is a completely voice-controlled, psychological horror game, created in a challenge, that revolves around a profound social theme with the message to recover the values of life & allows also handicapped players with hand issues e.g. motor disabilities to play the PC game without any problems.

Control your poor, little & nearly blind character on a journey through different paths by using only your voice and find the 'Inner values' in form of items.

Let 'the voice inside' guide you, as a voice from the off, to find your way out. But be careful, the enemy is close - 'Darkness' is chasing you! 

There is no keyboard or controller needed, you just need to give the right commands to let your character move or perform actions in an open environment.

Platform: PC (Steam, Windows 10), Language: English, Release (Early Access): 2020


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Coming Soon | 2020


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