Make it through a dark & abstract world with mazes, platforms, puzzles, enemies & obstacles.
Listen to a narrative voice telling you about dark areas that might be in some places of an inner human being, such as

 heart (mind & soul: upcoming chapters) & how to recover.
Use over 30 voice-commands to navigate your character trough it!


Alpha Vers. 0.5.0


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Alpha Vers. 0.5

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The Voice Inside is a voice-controlled atmospheric exploration adventure game, created in a challenge, that revolves around a profound social theme with the message to learn about the meaning of 'the values of life'. It gives also handicapped players with e.g. motor disabilities the opportunity to play a pc game in voice control mode, without any problems.

The Game

Control a clumsy creature on a journey through different challenging paths by using one of three control modes to find the 'Inner Values' in form of items.

Let 'the voice inside' guide you, to find your way out. But be careful, the enemy is close - 'Darkness' is chasing you! 

For the 'voice-control' type is no keyboard or controller required, you just need to give voice commands to let your character move freely or perform actions in an abstract & dark but atmospheric world.

Control Modes: Voice Control, Controller, Mouse/Keyboard

Platform: PC (Steam, Windows 10), Language: English, Release (Early Access): 2021


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